2 Hour C/E 203k Class

Understanding 203k Loans 2 Hour C/E Course Enrollment Information

I have put  together this 2 hour continuing education California DRE approved course, Understanding 203k Loans, primarily for Realtors who want to brush up or learn from scratch, how the 203k loans work.  In this course you will walk away more confident that this is a viable loan option for homebuyers and sellers to use in today’s marketplace.  Keep in mind the usage of the 203k loan has increased overr 335% from 2008 to 2010 and numbers from 2010-2011 aren’t in yet, but the amount of funded loans has sharply increased again.  Learning the 203k loan has become essential for all in the real estate business.

Too  many times I’ve seen homes get sold to investors for a bargain  when it could have gone to California first time homebuyer or a move up family.  The 203k loan allows a homebuyer to purchase a home in as-is condition and give them renovation financing funds to fix up the home all in one loan.  The 203k loan should be structured in a manner that is different from a conventional or regular FHA loan, and you will walk away from this course knowing how to prepare your buyers and sellers on how things need happen in order to experience a successful transaction.

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