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Which Home Improvements Give You The Most Bang For Your Buck?

Which Remodeling Projects Give You The Most Bang For Your Buck?  Whether you’re thinking of doing remodeling in Simi Valley or Thousand Oaks, or a rehab home loan in Los Angeles County, people want to know, how much will their project will increase the value of their home? Remodeling Magazine has written an article for […]

203k Loans Are To Be Relevant For The Next Decade. Why?

    Here’s an interesting thought on the 203k loan. I was reading 203k owner, Paul Weldon’s LinkedIn article and he brought up a good point about the Silent Generation or otherwise known as the Greatest Generation who were born in the years 1924-1942.  There are still many existing homeowners within this generation. But let’s face facts.  When these […]

A 203k Loan Is Still Relavent In The 2014 Real Estate Market

  Foreclosure sales are at a 5 year low right now, home prices are creeping and the home equity loan market is waking up from a long slumber, but does that mean that the 203k loan/renovation home loan is no longer needed? Absolutely not!  There are always going to be homes out there that have […]

Home Improvements Needed? Think 203k Loan.

Pic Credit to Danilo Rizzuti MSNBC recently had an article on their site that said home improvements are on the rise.  The only problem is where are homeowners and homebuyers be able to find financing for these improvements.  The answer is the 203k loan. Most people think the 203k loan is just for fixxing foreclosures, […]

203k Loan Problems And How To Avoid Them

A 203k loan can incur problems and are not cookie cutter loans by any means.  They have issues that are unique that other FHA or conventional loans do not have. As you can see from the picture above, permit and municipality issues cause the greatest number of 203k loan problems since the city/municipality may not allow […]

Guest Columnist: How A HUD Consultant’s Inspection Differs From A Standard Home Inspection

    How Does a HUD 203k Loan Inspection Differ from a Standard Home Inspection? When homeowners ask me if my inspection as a 203k loan consultant can take the place of a standard home inspection, I usually tell them that is does not.  There are several reasons it doesn’t, but the main one is […]

Can The 203k Loan Be Used For Conventional Financing?

Pic credit to jscreationz Can the 203k Loan Be used For Conventional Financing?The quick answer is no.  The 203k loan is an FHA loan product and can not be used for conventional loan financing. There are other financing options for conventional financing such as the FNMA Homepath Renovation loan.  The 203k loan is basically a modified […]

The 203k Streamline Needs a HUD Consultant.

The 203k Streamline is gaining some steam and increased Realtor acceptance. However, with the increased popularity comes misconceptions. The 203k Streamline is meant for minor cosmetic work and has a cap of $35,000 in repairs, a hombuyer and contractor is all that’s needed……or is it? Any repair amount greater than $35,000 is still possible, but […]

Call Me With Any Renovation Home Loans Question!

Brought to you by: Kevin Walton with C2 Financial Corporation. NMLS 2454923, DRE# 01453270.  C2 Financial Corp. NMLS 135622, DRE# 01821025.  NMLS website:   C2 Financial Corp. website, corporate ph# 858-312-4900, corporate address 10509 Vista Serrento Parkway Ste. 200, San Diego, Ca. 92121. This licensee is performing acts for which a real estate […]

The 203k Loan. Give it a Second Look.

The 203k loan has been around for well over 25 years and the 203k Streamline loan was revamped in 2005 to make it more consumer and Realtor friendly. I say Realtor friendly because the acceptance of either the standard 203k loan or the 203k streamline loan is lukewarm at best in the Realtor community. I’ve […]