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Structuring An Offer With A 203k Loan

  OK, I’ve heard many reasons why a Realtor or REO lender won’t accept a 203k loan contract offer.  How do we combat this?  We have a qualified homebuyer but their choice of financing is an issue.  The main roadblocks are that the loan takes too long to fund, and that Realtors have heard nightmares about past […]

The Investor 203k. It May Be Coming Back In The Future.

If you are an investor and have been buying homes cash and using your own money to fix up homes and resell them, you know that if you have multiple projects going at one time, that this can be trying. What if you could use someone else’s money to do this? Would it reduce your […]

PMI Is A Tax Deduction. Who Knew?

  PMI, also known as private mortgage insurance, is that pesky insurance that homeowners have to pay that protects the lender whether or not you are refinancing or buying a home and your first mortgage is greater than 80% of the appraised value. For the better part of the last 10 years borrowers selected the first […]

Need a remodeling home loan? Think 203k loan.

At a networking event a contractor told me that his business was way down this year because obtaining financing or an equity loan is so difficult these days.  He still gets big jobs like room additions but the smaller jobs that keep him afloat between the big jobs is almost non-existent. The contractor had never heard of the […]

Realtors Battling Sellers Over Fixits-Why?

I viewed a hilarious Realtor blog video today that I had to share. The Realtor was fired by the seller because their home didn’t sell. The Realtor went on to say that he supplied the seller with a list of fixits. The seller didn’t do any of them and their home didn’t sell in its […]

How to Sell a Home with Broken Windows

The ever increasing number of foreclosure and short sale properties hitting the market are causing some problems when it comes to selling. Some of these properties have some issues that appear minor but become major issues when it comes to a lender allowing a loan to be put on the property. The property may not […]

The 203k Streamline Needs a HUD Consultant.

The 203k Streamline is gaining some steam and increased Realtor acceptance. However, with the increased popularity comes misconceptions. The 203k Streamline is meant for minor cosmetic work and has a cap of $35,000 in repairs, a hombuyer and contractor is all that’s needed……or is it? Any repair amount greater than $35,000 is still possible, but […]

Call Me With Any Renovation Home Loans Question!

Brought to you by: Kevin Walton with C2 Financial Corporation. NMLS 2454923, DRE# 01453270.  C2 Financial Corp. NMLS 135622, DRE# 01821025.  NMLS website:   C2 Financial Corp. website, corporate ph# 858-312-4900, corporate address 10509 Vista Serrento Parkway Ste. 200, San Diego, Ca. 92121. This licensee is performing acts for which a real estate […]

Banks are foreclosing and warming up to the 203k loan idea…..sort of

It looks like banks are shying away from the loan modification option and getting more aggressive and foreclosing on delinquent borrowers homes.  The foreclosures figures may or may not reach a record in California but it’s a sign that more bank owned properties are going to hit the market real soon.  Here comes the 203k […]

Home equity loan meltdown is the rebirth of the 203k loan.

Click here for more Salvtore Vuono pics I was reading an article the other day that said that there are 347 billion dollars in home equity loans in the U.S. that are underwater.    That number again is in the billions not the millions.  Four years ago if you didn’t use a California real estate loan package that […]