How to Sell a Home with Broken Windows

The ever increasing number of foreclosure and short sale properties hitting the market are causing some problems when it comes to selling.
Some of these properties have some issues that appear minor but become major issues when it comes to a lender allowing a loan to be put on the property. The property may not meet minimum lender guidelines and there may be some health and safety issues.
A simple broken window seems like an inexpensive fixable issue but to a lender it’s a health and safety issue and they won’t allow a loan to be put on this type of property and if it is bank owned or in a short sale situation the seller probably won’t have the funds to fix the window.
So what to do? Embrace the 203k Streamline loan. It allows minor cosmetic repairs to be done after escrow closes so this way you can buy the home in as-is condition. The loan allows you to get a loan to buy the home and receive up to $35,000 in repair funds all in one loan at a low fixed rate.
Most of the time the seller and Realtor just wait for the cash investor offer to fix the problem but sometimes the damage is so minimal it doesn’t fit the investor profile.
The FHA 203k Streamline is a perfect solution to this problem. Whether it’s broken windows, a broken heating and air unit, missing toilets, or it needs a new roof or anything else that would prohibit a bank from allowing a loan on a property, the 203k Streamline can fix these problems without having to wait for a lowball offer from a cash investor.
Also keep in mind the 203k Streamline can be used for paint inside and out, cabinets, countertops and even appliances among other things.
So whether or not the property needs a minor facelift or needs a broken window repaired, the 203k Streamline is a multipurpose solution.

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