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Houzz.com Gives Southern California Home Remodeling And Decor Ideas

Houzz.com gives inspiration for Southern California home remodeling ideas and homeowners throughout the U.S.  This website is chocked full of hundreds of remodeling photos for each room of the house. There’s a nice mobile app that goes with it, and even an area where you can get quotes for the work you want done.  But remember not […]

203K Loan HUD Consultants and General Contractor Conflicts

Quick tip on 203k loans in regards to HUD Consultant and general contractor conflicts:  As a potential home buyer, make sure that the HUD Consultant and the General Contractor who is doing the repairs and upgrades to the property, are not the same person.  The HUD Consultant is supposed to be an independant third party […]

Contractors Need to be Coached on the 203k Loan

I had heard recently from a Realtor that they would never again be involved with a 203k Streamline or the 203k loan (standard). When I asked why she mentioned that it took too long to get job estimates from the contractor and escrow had to be extended 2 times as a result. This can happen if the […]