Which Home Improvements Give You The Most Bang For Your Buck?

Which Remodeling Projects Give You The Most Bang For Your Buck? 

Whether you’re thinking of doing remodeling in Simi Valley or Thousand Oaks, or a rehab home loan in Los Angeles County, people want to know, how much will their project will increase the value of their home? Remodeling Magazine has written an article for you just on that subject.

Above is a graphic published by Remodeling Magazine, http://www.remodelingmagazine.hw.net  which shows a variety of home improvement/remodeling projects done on the west coast.On the left side are figures representing 2011 and the project (say kitchen remodel), the job cost, dollars recouped in the form of dollars of equity, as well as the percentage in value recouped. 

On the right side are the same figures for 2012. As we can see the numbers all went down for 2012 compared to 2011, but is that the same for 2013?  Based on the existing market, and resale values going up, the figures should be higher for 2013.  There is another graphic that shows higher end improvements for higher dollar amounts that aren’t in this article, if you would like to see them, let me know I’ll email it to you. 

So whether or not, you’re doing a 203k loan, or just thinking about a remodeling project and thinking about costs and it’s worth it or not, hopefully this article will help you make that decision. 


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